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About Huron Area Community Theatre

What is the Huron Area Community Theatre? The Huron Area Community Theatre is a local, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the production, performance and promotion of local theatre. Area Community Theatre exists in the hearts and minds of it's members, volunteers and patrons.   

What is the Huron Area Community Theatre's Mission? We are committed to providing live theatre for Huron and surrounding communities. We want to give adults and families entertainment options to cultivate their interest in the arts.

Where are the Huron Area Community Theatre's performances? Performances are held at the Huron Fine Arts Center  939 Ohio SW, Huron, South Dakota.

How do I contact ACT?

-Email at

-Postal Mail at PO Box 348, Huron, SD 57350


What types of shows does ACT present?  ACT presents comedies, tragedies and musicals. 

Board of Directors:

Ben Chase     

 Kelli Medina    Diane Clayton  

Kristy Hubbard   Linda Gibson    Annette Bowen