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Audition Information


FAQ's about auditions

When do I come to auditions?   Auditions are generally held in the evenings from 6pm to 8pm. You only need come to one of these auditions. You may, if you wish, come to any of the evening sessions; keep in mind that there are a lot of people auditioning, and the director may not have time to see your audition twice.

When happens at auditions?  Generally, people are asked to do a cold reading (an unrehearsed reading of a portion of the script). You may also be asked to play a theatre game or work on some sort of improvisation. 

What happens at musical auditions? If you are auditioning for a musical, you will be asked to sing a few bars of a song not in the play. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in--you might be asked to learn a simple dance routine. 

What are callbacks?  Call backs are simply the director calling back some of the people who are auditioning to be seen again. 

What if I'm not called back?  Not being called back does not mean you will not be cast. Check the cast list as instructed by the director. Also check out our website. 

What if my schedule won't allow me to rehearse every evening? During the audition process, you will be asked to fill out an audition card and a conflict calendar. If the director chooses to cast you, it is with the understanding that you cannot attend rehearsals during the times you have listed as conflicting. Please be thorough--a rehearsal calendar takes into account the conflicts of many people. If you are asked to rehearse at a time you have not listed as a conflict, you will be expected to attend the rehearsal. 

Don't forget: 

Actors are not the only volunteers that help our Community Theatre thrive! We also need Stage managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Light Board Operators, Sound Board Operators, Costume Crew, Set Constructions Crews,  Ushers, Box Office Assistants, Follow Spot Operators, Rehearsal Pianists, Concession Attendants, and more!

Please fill out this audition form prior to coming to the audition.

For more information about auditions or volunteering, give us a call or go to the Get involved Page or the Contact Us page to volunteer.